Secretary & Correspondent

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K.S.Murali Babu

k.S.Murali Babu, an eminent Lecturer and Industrialist is the Secretary & Correspondent of Dr.Jyothirmayi Degree College. He envisioned in establishing an Institution with Traditional values with modern education, Ever since it’s inception, Dr.Jyothirmayi Degree College has been expanding and today it has become a huge organization. He put his heart and soul into this organization.

He is a strict disciplinarian who has imbibed the traits of dignity, decency, etiquette and punctuality. He is simple and modest. He is available to the student community round the clock. His generous attitude lighted many poor lives. The development of this college is certainly a jewel in the crown of Education. K. S. Murali Babu, will have a great place in the records of history as far as this college is concerned.