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Dr.Jyothirmayi Degree College was established in the year 1997, under the patronage of Sri Balaji Educational Society inorder to meet the educational demands in the growing communities of Adoni. as the community grew, so did Dr.Jyothirmayi Degree College. the college was governed by the Sri Balaji Educational Scoiety.The 1st foundation stone is laid by our beloved M.L.A Sri.k.Meenakshi Naidu on 1st may 1997 and the college building was inaugurated by prof.P.R.Naidu (Vice-Chancellor of S.K.University, Anantapur) on 28th February 1998. Dr.Jyothirmayi Degree College was conceived and created beside the Ramjala road, which is one of the pride places of the Adoni town which will be the resource for water supplied road in 1997. 12months later the college inaugurated and quickly became the pride of the community. Long-term residents as well as aspiring young immigrants attended the college to realize their dreams.

When the college opened its doors in 1997, it did so with only 15 faculties and 150 students, but all were dedicated to a future-oriented philosophy. from a remarkable beginning to a bright, promising future, Dr.Jyothirmayi Degree College continues to move forward in welcoming new and future students seeking to enrich their lives and prosper through higher education. Now it has extended its strength of students up to 900 with aroundly 60 faculties.

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K.S.Murali Babu, an eminent Lecturer and Industrialist is the Secretary & Correspondent of Dr.Jyothirmayi Degree College. He envisioned in establishing an Institution with Traditional values with modern education, Ever since it’s inception, Dr.Jyothirmayi Degree College has been expanding and today it has become a huge organization. He put his heart and soul into this organization.He is a strict disciplinarian who has imbibed the traits of dignity, decency, etiquette and punctuality. He is simple and modest. He is available to the student community round the clock. His generous attitude lighted many poor lives. The development of this college is certainly a jewel in the crown of Education. K. S. Murali Babu, will have a great place in the records of history as far as this college is concerned.

Message from Correspondent Desk

It’s a real pleasure to meet you through this web page. Education is the only tool that can bring change in the society and we believe that an educated family can transform the society. It was our long cherished dream to establish an ideal educational institution where students with high passion can come and pursue their studies in a prosperous setting to take forward their upstream aspirations. With over 17 years of educational excellence our institution continues to provide education for empowerment in the modern way. The management has provided the best infrastructure to impart the best education for students in this organization. Our experienced faculties who have been the facilitators and stage setters of our consistent success stories are highly potential enough to create an encouraging class room to inspire the young minds towards the most desired direction. The quantitative and qualitative merits of our content and course are ultimate, which has been spoken by our consistent records of unbelievable success rates. I am sure that the education you acquire and the skills you gain from our institution as a student would equip you for a successful professional life.

I wish the entire students a “GOOD LUCK”.

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