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Dr.Jyothirmayi Degree College (DJDC)


Dr.Jyothirmayi Degree College was established in the year 1997, under the patronage of Sri Balaji Educational Society inorder to meet the educational demands in the growing communities of Adoni. as the community grew, so did Dr.Jyothirmayi Degree College. the college was governed by the Sri Balaji Educational Scoiety.The 1st foundation stone is laid by our beloved M.L.A Sri.k.Meenakshi Naidu on 1st may 1997 and the college building was inaugurated by prof.P.R.Naidu (Vice-Chancellor of S.K.University, Anantapur) on 28th February 1998. Dr.Jyothirmayi Degree College was conceived and created beside the Ramjala road, which is one of the pride places of the Adoni town which will be the resource for water supplied road in 1997. 12 months later the college inaugurated and quickly became the pride of the community. Long-term residents as well as aspiring young immigrants attended the college to realize their dreams.

When the college opened its doors in 1997, it did so with only 15 faculties and 150 students, but all were dedicated to a future-oriented philosophy. from a remarkable beginning to a bright, promising future, Dr.Jyothirmayi Degree College continues to move forward in welcoming new and future students seeking to enrich their lives and prosper through higher education. Now it has extended its strength of students up to 900 with aroundly 60 faculties. With its mountains and valleys, Dr.Jyothirmayi Degree College is nature's gift to professional education. It is located in a sprawling campus of 9 acres in Adoni town, close to kurnool-bellary highway, and just 30 kms from mantralayam which is one of the famous holy temples in A.P. The college is situated on a lush green hilly plot, consisting of fossil rocks in a serene and tranquil atmosphere, provides the necessary emotional and intellectual inspiration and sustenance to the students and teachers. Dr.Jyothirmayi Degree College, which has come to be synonymously pronounced with great by the discerning observers and admirers.

Over the decade, Dr.jyothirmayi degree has become known state-wide for academic excellence. The college’s curriculum and mission also has expanded to include career, community, continuing and adult education programs. The college renews that commitment at the beginning of the 21st century with a series of renovations and upgrades that ensure the college will continue to be the pride of the community for future generations.In these 17 years of college history it earns so many awards and rewards from district-wise and state-wise. The institution offering the best professional education with constantly evolving curriculum and latest teaching methodologies. Its mission is to create a learning society which is central to economic well being. The college has been providing training for individuals and organizations aimed at maximizing efficiency and potential in their particular field. Quality training in diverse fields of business management, soft skills and self development is their forte.