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General Rules


Admissions are made as per the rules and regulations framed by the Commissioner / Director of Collegiate Education, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh through OAMDC. Students can apply for any eligible course of thier choice in any college they want on www.oamdc.ap.gov.in and the Seats are Alloted as per the web options choosen by the candidates.

An overall minimum attendance of 75% (including a minimum 60% of Attendance in each subject) is a must for a student to qualify himself / herself to take Semester-End Examinations. However, requests for condonation for shortage of attendance below 75% but not less than 60% will be referred to a special committee headed by the Principal for a decision based on merits of each case.


    • Students are instructed to attend the College in neat and decent dress.
    • They should enter their respective classrooms at the stroke of the first bell.
    • They should stand up when the Lecturer enters the classroom and should remain standing until the Lecturer takes his/her seat.
    • They must be present in the classroom till the end of the last hour.
    • They are strictly instructed to be in their respective classrooms during the working hours of the college.
    • No student should enter or leave the classroom without the permission of the Lecturer concerned.
    • Coming late or disturbing the classroom atmosphere attracts disciplinary action.
    • A student should not call another student when the class-work is going on, as it would disturb the whole class.
    • Students should not roam in varandas or on the campus. They should go to library in case they have no class during a particular hour.
    • Unauthorized absence to the classes without applying for leave will be viewed seriously.
    • No student is allowed to enter the campus with cell phones. If any student is found in possession of cell phones, he/she will be punished according to the disciplinary rules.
    • Students are instructed to carry their identity cards with them daily and should produce them when required.
    • They should not ride their vehicles within the college premises. They must keep the vehicles only at the parking place allotted.
    • Nobody is allowed to smoke on the college premises as it is a no smoking zone.
    • Students are expected to maintain the fair name of the college with their good behaviour both inside and outside the college.
    • The principal has every right to remove any student from the rolls of the college, withhold his / her TC and take such disciplinary action as found necessary if the student is irregular to the classes and violates any of the above rules.